Natural Law Trust

Irrevocable Pure Common Law Private Trust

The Best Asset Protection Instrument for Peaceful People

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But I hope you will at least consider for a few minutes. You see, you and I have some things in common. We respect ethics and integrity, and we have each been successful in our own fields. My specialty has been freedom technology, and in my years of research and experience, I have discovered a few of the gems and diamonds in this area that are little-known. They are among the few most successful strategies in the world.

Less than 1% of the attorneys out there know about this and understand it properly. The rest of them either admittedly know nothing; or worse, believe they do know, and are negative about it due to their ignorance. Please ignore them. This information is for you – – not your “counsel” who are not educated in this rare specialty.

You are blessed today to be the recipient of this disclosure of one of the rarest forms of asset protection in the world – – the kind that the elite families have used for generations, such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Mellons, Carnegies, Hunt brothers, and others. In fact, with the advancement of electronic technology, so has this asset protection instrument advanced as well. Over the years, it has gotten better and better.

The ignorance and fear of attorneys about this vehicle is simply the very human fear of the unknown, that’s all. The global system controllers have kept this type of asset protection vehicle very quiet. It is not taught in law schools. Ignorant attorneys may spread disinformation about it because they think it competes with their brainwashed narrow focus of law, but that doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from continuing to quietly enjoy the benefits of this vehicle . . . thank you very much.

“The one who says is impossible should not interrupt the one who is doing it.”

Today we have to bequeath to you the benefit of many generations of evolution. This state-of-the-art instrument today enjoys a 100% success rate going back at least five decades – – three decades of those at our company, and another two decades of the mentors who preceded us.

“100% success” means this instrument – – this very unusual type of trust – – has never been penetrated and has never been invalidated. In fact, it cannot be invalidated. Another way of explaining the 100% success rate is that not a single user of this instrument has ever lost any assets out of it due to the trust being dishonored, set aside, penetrated, broken, or violated. It has proven to be totally invincible.

Discover the benefits of an International Natural Law TrustYou can be the trustee, or you can choose a trustee. In both cases, you can stay in full control of whatever asset you place in the trust. And yet unlike all the other more complicated statutory and burdensome asset protection instruments out there, this one has 1000% more privacy. It has none of the reams of red tape and compliance and filing and reporting requirements and fees and taxes that most other entities have.

The eBook CLICK HERE   fully explains. We invite you to take a look at it. We believe you will be very pleasantly surprised at what you learn. And once you get to know us, you will like us. We are 100% truthful, honest, and straightforward. Why shouldn’t we be? We have nothing to hide, but plenty to protect. And so do you.

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Here is a summary of uses and benefits regarding the private contract trust. The House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust (NLT) offered by Brilliance in Commerce is the most advanced and state-of-the-art private contract trust. It is not officially “exempt” to our knowledge in any country in the world. However, it is most certainly an exception to the filing requirements – – acknowledged as the “otherwise” described in Title 26 USC (IRS Code). This same status is true just about anywhere on the planet and has been for many generations.

1. Operate in complete privacy.
Since the NLT is not incorporated, it is a private, lawful entity that is the “exception” rather than being “exempt” from regulation regarding entities controlled by the government. Therefore, you operate in complete privacy.

2. You can choose your trustee or be the trustee.
Brilliance in Commerce is the only organization to our knowledge that provides this kind of advanced state-of-the-art trust which allows the client to be his or her own trustee – – or – – to appoint a friend as trustee – – or – – use a professional trustee that we can recommend. In all cases, you, the client, call the shots and stay in control of what happens to your assets.

3. The NLT
is outside the scope and oversight of any federal, state or local government, or any agency thereof, anywhere in the world. Hence there are no government fees applicable to any properly structured NLT.

There is no need for an attorney, or the fees due for any work they would have performed.

Receive lawful protection from many taxes. There are numerous tax benefits for directors of this kind of trust.

6. Remove assets from other taxation.
All gifts (donations), to your NLT are removed from Estate, Gift and Capital Gains tax exposure.

7. Receive donations or gifts of all kinds of assets.
Your NLT may accept donations of all kinds of assets. (Real property, vehicles, boats, planes, clothing, furniture and money.)

Receive funds from deferred gifts. Your NLT may receive donations from wills, trusts, life insurance or any other deferred gift.

9. Immune from liability of lawsuits.
By placing all of your assets into an NLT, attorneys will have a hard time trying to collect any judgments against you personally. (If they can collect anything at all.) As the saying goes, “You can’t get blood from a turnip”.

10. Reduce your own personal tax liability.
By placing your “income” into your NLT, your own personal tax liability will be reduced. This can be done by having your employer make the payroll checks out in the name of the NLT or wire the funds directly to the NLT’s bank account.

11. Reduce your business’s tax liability.
By making the NLT the lawful owner of most of the stock or ownership in an existing business, your business’s tax liability will decrease. (or splitting between several)

12. Open bank accounts all over the world. T
here is no need to have an “offshore” trust or corporation since an NLT is allowed to exist all over the globe. However, one may have to physically open the account in another country and give the bank a local address for your NLT.

13. Gifting to other Countries.
Taxpayers in most countries cannot deduct from their taxes gifts to overseas charitable projects unless they do so through another non-reportable entity such as the NLT. If they put the money in the NLT first and then have the NLT make the donation, there is no taxable event.

14. Personal compensation for the work you do.
An NLT is allowed to provide for the payment of anyone that works for it. This can be done by creating special minutes, templates for which come with the NLT.

15. Allow your NLT to make the payment for all expenses.
All expenses that are required for the operation and growth of the NLT are allowed. Yes, you can have the NLT pay for all of your major expenses, and for the minor ones, have it pay you a salary.

16. Bank accounts are private.
The checking account set up for the NLT does not have any social security number associated with it. It will have its own identification number. However, the bank may want to check the executive trustee’s own social security number, for personal identification only.

17. The NLT is entitled to an employer identification number (EIN),
in the USA, FOR BANKING PURPOSES ONLY, and the EIN and can be used to open said bank accounts and receive a debit card. In other countries, it is entitled to a similar number from the government.

18. You are in control.
Since there is no “CEO” or “office of the president” involved in the NLT, you can be directly involved with all of the legal transactions regarding the NLT.

19. The NLT can be endlessly renewed if desired.
The NLT’s duration is 21 years plus lives in being. At the end of that period, it can be renewed. At the end of that second period, it can be renewed again. There is no ending date for any reporting because there is nothing to report.

20. Not taxable.
The NLT is not required to file ANY tax return.

21. Non-political.
The NLT is not political in any manner even though it may be “created” by contract somewhere within a geographic boundary. However, the NLT may write or verbally “report” to others regarding the truth or opinion of any matter going on worldwide.

22. May be funded or supported by other businesses.
Since the NLT is a vehicle for protecting assets, it must be supported/financed by activities that place assets and cash flows into it. This may be done by having some or all of your “supporting business” profits go directly into the account of the NLT. In fact, the NLT itself can, and should have activities that support itself.

23. Not regulated by the government for corporations.
Remember the Amish? They can build what they want on their property without “code enforcement” from the government. They do not need licenses to operate. They are left alone by the government. The NLT should be operated just like they operate their “work”. If they can do “it”, then the NLT can do “it”.

24. Your self-esteem.
When you look to common law, common ethics, natural law, and universal spiritual principles for guidance in your affairs, instead of thinking you have to be beholden to the way the crowd does everything, you experience a freedom and sovereignty never before imagined. This builds self-esteem and helps to fulfill all the noblest purposes ever cherished by mankind.

25. Your ability to influence your children.
Many who have an NLT enjoy the opportunity to impact their families by “leading by example” not only in the home, but also in their church and community. You can now add “significance” to your lifetime of work.

26. Other considerations.
Perhaps the worst things for older people to have, are assets in their own name. Many older people have had all of their hard-earned assets levied on and actually had them taken (stolen) by the government by being admitted to a health care facility. If one is wealthy, the wealth can actually be “used up” quite fast and nothing will be left for their heirs. By placing all of their assets, ahead of time, into an NLT, they can now lawfully, and truthfully, state that they do not “own” anything and can now be fully covered by federal and/or state coverage. (Medicare) If they are in need of anything, the NLT can take care of them. The NLT can be managed by them until their designated successor takes over. The NLT can go on generation after generation if desired.

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